Wholesale sportswear and sports dresses

Fashion sport dresses – THE eye-catcher among the wholesale sportswear

In former times people or – in this case – women had to choose between three fashion styles: elegant gown, practical sportswear or comfortable couch-potato-outfit.
Nowadays women do not have to face such a choice anymore, because with the fashion sport dresses and wholesale sportswear, your customers can combine noble elegance with a feel-good comfort and sports equipment skilfully. In doing so each and every woman becomes a Serena Williams and First Lady in one. 

Color and diversity explosion in everyday life!

Have your customers too had enough of the boring, well known everyday clothes – like jeans, capri-pants, pleated or flower skirts? Then our wholesale offer of trendy sporty highlights will knock them off their feet!
Because here your customers can opt between models with long or short sleeves, with a collar or a hood, mini or midi versions, those with rhinestones applications or out of tile. There are also no limits to the variety of colors. It doesn´t matter whether a check-up at the doctor is approaching (e.g. free falling, casual sporty dresses with a mix of stripes and dots), a hilarious concert with her best friends (e.g. a mini sporty dress with shimmering neon letters) or whether brunching with the mother-in-law (e.g. monochrome midi versions with a colorful waist belt and mesh sleeves) is impeding – with our manifold offer of sporty wholesale dresses the women´s world is ideally prepared for every event.  

Boring work clothes – Adieu!

The times, in which there were only grey, bourgeois A-line business dresses are long gone.  Sporty dresses – which are following the latest fashion trends – with free falling, airy cuts (e.g. in salmon colors), with outstanding letter applications and lively mesh covers make every casual Friday be the favorite working day of the week.
But also fashion sporty dresses of our sportswear wholesale range in midi versions with a collar and long sleeves, but which at the same time also comprise funky zippers, combinations of buttons or colorful check patterns, will catapult your customers right away to the center of each and every business meeting.  

For all workout-lovers

Excessive workouts in strictly seeming three-quarter leggings and sport top are old news. The today´s fashion conscious, female sports cannon wants to look good and to make the men´s world freak out even during sweaty training.
With our gorgeous wholesale sport-sets this will be an easy one. We offer your customers high-quality, strain-resistant sports dresses and sportswear for every occasion. Thereby it doesn´t matter at all whether your customers prefer rather tight or legroom offering versions or those with slim or wide straps, in one color or colorful, because our universal wholesale assortment of workout clothes leaves nothing to be desired and thereby does not only provide comfortable practicability and tear-proof materials, but moreover focuses also on fashion highlights and discloses delightful fashion consciousness.
Whether in soft, filigree seemingly pastel shades, in colorful or glaring neon colors, with a cheeky hood or with a waist belt, which airs elegance – with our wholesale range of sports fashion wear every woman becomes a Grand Dame of the fashion sports world
Have you also already asked yourself how the female sports celebrities look that great during their tournaments and sports competitions – even though the sweat is dripping down their forehead? Well, our fashion-sporty wholesale assortment provides all the answers to that.
It doesn´t matter if it is a tennis tournament, jogging in the morning, a company-intern sport event, a class reunion or a company presentation – with our breath-taking wholesale range of fashion sport outfits your customers are always on the right side. 

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