Plus size dresses wholesale

Plus size dresses – the myth

Curvy women have been discredited for a long time and thus the range of dresses and fashion accessories for such feminine statues has been very limited.
However, over the years human thinking developed further and changed and so did the plus size fashion world. Nowadays there are fortunately even plus size models, who present their femininity and sex appeal masterly through numerous, diverse fashion details and enchanting outfits.
Our manifold wholesale assortment of plus sizes dresses supports women of the most different heights and statues with the most unique and diverse dresses, which attract all of the attention.

Monotonous everyday life – not with us!

Helpless combing through the wardrobe, old-fashioned, wide blouses and trousers, a really limited range of fashion highlights in shops, as well as the fear of not covering all of the uncomplimentary body parts – which curvy woman does not know these problems!?
But we take this pressure of you and your customers!
Fancy retro designs with line and check patterns, short, sexy dresses, which stage the right parts of the body, as well as high-necked, elegant cuts for formal occasions or floor-length, free falling glittering dresses – those are just some examples of the diversity of our whole sale assortment of plus size dresses.
Browse our catalogues and find the right dresses for your customers, which will fall on your neck thankfully. 

Gala evening – the woman in the center

Which woman does not know the following situation? An important formal reception is approaching, the woman is in front of her opened wardrobe und has been despairing – besides the makeup and hairstyle question – of the choice of the right outfit for ours. Help your customers find the perfect dress and experience at least this challenge as a pleasure.
Whether strapless, with thin or thick straps, short and seductive or floor-length and royal-looking – we offer festive plus size dresses in all variations, which will catapult each and every woman straight to the center of any happening.
Drawing everyone´s attention at work
It is just the often dreary everyday work life, where a woman wants to stand out of the crowd and jazz up the monotony of the business world a little bit – but without having to compromise professional business manners.
Long-sleeved, free falling dresses with a collar in colorful and fashionable patterns and designs out of our wholesale range, which can be combined with elegant details like for example a classic black belt, will draw everybody´s attention.
Short-sleeved, tight stretch dresses with a smooth v-neckline highlighting the feminine décolleté gently, which can be perfectly worn in combination with a timeless blazer, are the eye-catcher of our wholesale range per se.
Whether colorful, plain, long or short – our wholesale assortment provides something breathtaking for each and every taste.
Do not just be an advisory seller to your customers, but rather accompany them as a fashion-conscious friend on their exciting journey of searching for the perfectly tailored plus size dress.
Make their earliest childhood dreams of enchanting and astonishing dresses come true.
With our high-quality and diversity airing wholesale range you will be able to offer your customers colorful, maybe a little bit daring everyday plus size dresses, to reveal the fabulous fashion world of gala dresses to them and to let them shine in an unprecedented glamour through a perfectly matched business outfit.

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