Unique wholesale programme of party dresses

First association with “evening fun”?

Clubbings, festive graduation celebration, the wedding of a close friend?
With our programme of wholesale party dresses, you will be able to respond to all of your customers´ wishes and requests!

Formal dresses for special occasions

A formal dress code definitely requires a long, simple dress in mainly darker colours, which can be rounded off by possible details, which indirectly, but effectively highlight certain body parts. A seductive décolleté for example can be emphasized with the unsurpassed V-neck. Materials like satin or details made of lace lend the looking an additional hint of elegance. The mermaid-dress will draw all the attention to the slim body and will pull the body figure visually in the length, so that the litter and femininity will be emphasized.
When it comes to a gala during new year celebration in a luxurious restaurant or a luxury wedding, where sex appeal should be spiced up with a dose of classic elegance, then a long dress with a corresponding cut will certainly be no mistake.

Cocktail-dresses for different types of celebrations

Celebrations of less formal types are being attended more frequently or a woman´s temperament simply cannot be stuck in a classic or formal drawer. A cocktail-dress is indeed the universal choice for such special occasions, which you cannot make a blunder with.
Unlike formal dresses, cocktail dresses are usually shorter. The length mostly goes up to shortly over or under the knees. Dresses with the classic A-line or some braver types with skirts made of lace or tulle will definitely find their way to women, who are longing for specific combinations of glamour and simplicity.

Being chic, sequins, asymmetry!

There are always some brave women, who are open to all kinds of experiments – especially when it comes to their clothing, which often reflects their temperament clearly.
There are always some women, who do not pay any attention to prescribed dress codes, types of styles and forms, but rather want to stay true to their own style.
They can be recognized easily and the correct choice for such women are the most different, chic, extravagant and extraordinary dresses in diverse lengths, interesting colors and asymmetric types, which can bring dynamism into their usually agitated style. Maybe they are seduced especially by types of dresses with a long back and shorter front part, which unify different types of styles depending on the viewing perspective.

Graduation dress – a step into the world of femininity

What could be offered to young girls, which are taking their first steps into the world of glamour and elegance, for this unique and exceedingly important moment in their lives?
Graduation dresses are mainly more elegant compared to cocktail dresses, but they are less formal than classic, long dresses, which fit more mature women.
What distinguishes them from cocktail dresses, are usually juvenile details like for example skirts with generous wrinkles and shimmering inserts.
Nevertheless, there are always also those girls, who will feel unique attending their graduation celebration just in classic types of dresses. Therefore, they should also be offered simpler models with different cut versions and/or details as for example huge ribbons or flowers, which will emphasize their childish litter and the still hidden femininity of a young woman at the same time.

Selected models of the wholesale programme of party dresses – made for sellers, who appreciate their customers´ uniqueness

Maybe it is the easiest to offer the appropriate clothing if the dress code, which must be followed, is defined and showed clearly.
But, if this is not the case, then an experienced and committed seller has to be a little bit of a styling-guru too.
Therefore, choose the best for your customers in our Skyfashion wholesale-online shop.

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