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Mini dresses wholesale

We are happy to offer you a wide range of mini dresses, from classic short black dresses to club, summer and sport dresses

Mini dresses – a must-have for each season

Women choose the everlasting mini dress especially on occasions, where they want to highlight their femininity and sex appeal. They are definitely a must-have in a woman´s wardrobe – regardless of age or the prevailing clothing style.

Infallible choice for each and every body-stature

Dresses above or below the knees?

The question which model should be chosen often comes up and maybe the best way of finding an appropriate answer to that can be found by looking at a woman´s stature. Women want to emphasize what makes them most appealing and to cover possible – subjectively perceived – lacks.
Elegant cuts below the breast and a length above the knees visually lengthen the body stature; a belt can highlight a slim waist additionally and let it appear even slimmer.
Mini dresses reaching under the knees are a full success when it comes to the right dose of seriousness, loveliness and glamour. A v-neck will pull people´s attention to an attracting décolleté and will thereby lengthen the upper part of the body.
Regarding the fact that a slim and an elongated stature is the most frequent symbol of sex appeal and femininity, an appropriate short dress will give each woman a feeling of strength, courage and appeal.

Glamour is what makes every woman unique and irresistible

A mini or midi dress is usually the right choice for festive occasions, like for example graduation or wedding celebrations and romantic dinners. Chosen details such as shimmering materials or lace – combined with an incessant, elegant accessory – give a classically glamorous look.
Extraordinary sleeves like bat or widely cut sleeves romantically and elegantly hanging down will fit women, who want to point out their exceedingly lovely nature spicing it up with a breeze of everlasting romantic.
On the other hand, women, who radiate sex appeal, will be enchanted by models with deep décolletés or openings on the back, which at the same time look really lovely and extremely sexy.

A mini dress for work – why not?

Mini dresses are rather reserved for evening undertakings, romantic nights within a chosen circle of people and for festive celebrations – while midi dresses can represent perfect variants for workwear.
A simple, classic dress in neutral colours will leave a serious impression with emphasized femininity and elegance. Such a dress can be an excellent choice for business interviews, important meetings or business trips. Furthermore, the upper part including the collar will convey a special business impression. With a carefully chosen midi dress, a businesswoman will feel feminine, very self-confident and ready for new challenges in the business world.

Strong colors for short, grey everyday dresses

Even colder days are no reason for avoiding mini dresses – especially not if the customer chooses a shorter or a midi dress with longer sleeves. The thicker material will contribute to comfort and the lively, brave colours will provide colour to the grey and a new kind of magic to autumn rain and spring clouds.
Encourage your customers to get involved in both the play of colours and materials and to different combinations. Consequently, they will bring new energy into monotonous everyday life.

Wholesale mini dresses for every taste in our shop

Mini dresses wholesale – from business to very elegant and from classic to extravagant mini dresses. A high-quality wholesale program can help you in making the right choice for your most different customers.
Often it is just a chosen, shimmering detail or a detail made of satin or tulle, which makes a dress unique.
Maybe short, black dresses are the most favourite fashion detail of all times, because they match almost every stature and occasion. Nevertheless, a rich range of colours, materials and patterns can stimulate creativity and fantasy additionally and can encourage women to break out of the classic domain and to try out something braver and more challenging once in a while.

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