Midi dresses wholesale

Midi dresses – the all-rounders

Midi dresses have been existing ever since. Marilyn Monroe already delighted the men´s world in her white neck-holder midi dress. It does not depend on, which occasion is impending, because there are midi dresses in the most diverse cut, color and material versions. No matter whether your customers want to attend a concert, whether they have been invited to a wedding, whether a parents´ day is impending or whether they want to draw everyone´s attention at a business meeting…
With a midi dress out of our comprehensive wholesale assortment they will always find the perfect dress and will always take center stage.

Out of everyday life – into the new fashion world!

Those times when elegant, straight midi dresses in the business-look were worn only for occupational occasions are long gone. Nowadays midi dresses are also worn for example for extensive shopping tours (e.g. in a casual dice design with sneakers), at funerals (e.g. in classic, figure-hugging black in combination with a blazer) or during excessive party nights with the best friends (e.g. in the rhinestones version with a deep décolleté). 

The midi dress is conquering the world of business

That midi dresses represent a must-have in the world of business is crystal clear to each one of us. But it no longer has to be just the well-tried, strict seeming, grey midi dress with a waist-belt and pinned up hair. In order to preserve and stick to the mandatory business look, but to escape from the rigidity of monotony at the same time, your customers can opt for a figure-hugging midi dress with a collar, which has to be buttoned up, in olive green or for a long-sleeved, A-cut midi dress in a gracious circle design or for a high-necked, salmon version with ruffles.

Whether figure-hugging or free falling, long- or short-sleeved, with a collar or simple in one color – our wholesale range lets your customers appear with a totally new glamour.

There are already midi dresses in sequin- or mermaid-style, with leopard or check designs, Asian-looking versions or neck-holder models out of satin. Whether during winter, spring, summer or fall – midi dresses have become always-popular, feminine fashion companions and have become an indispensable part of the wardrobes of the ladies´ world.
That´s why our exclusive wholesale assortment of midi dresses provides all design, material and forms versions one can think of. Become a fashion companion of your customers too and reveal the variety of our wholesale range to them. They´ll be loving you!

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