Wholesale range of maxi dresses for each occasion

Long dresses never get out of style!

An indispensable part of a high-quality wholesale range is characterized by a rich offer of unique and classic cuts of maxi dresses.
The long dress is an infallible choice when it comes to giving a breeze of glamour and elegance to the natural femininity and loveliness. The challenge for an experienced seller is to recognize potential customers´ wishes and to offer them types of dresses, which will emphasize feminine trumps even more.

Tenderness and elegance in the dresses´ folds

Models with simple cuts gently falling and thereby both emphasizing and covering body outlines will fit romantic girls or women, who are in love with the whole world surrounding them. Those women will outline their sensuality by fluttering skirts in clear pastel or neutral colors.
Surprised they will stop in front of models, which express their romantic side, their loveliness, their charm and especially their childish honesty deeply hidden in their smile. Only carefully chosen and unique, but at the same time unavoidably simple models will correspond to their fabulous world.

Seduction and sex appeal as hidden trump card

Incorrigible temptresses will want to attract and keep the attention to themselves with each of their movements. For such women shopping represents some kind of seduction game – but in reverse roles. It is up to the dress to seduce them. And it is just the essence of their game which becomes a principle, which they stick to when choosing a type of dress in order to start, maintain and end this game.
Long, a bit extraordinary, even extravagant, but at the same time enchanting, attractive and sensuality radiating dresses in fire colors will emphasize their lively and restless nature.

Maxi dress in a seductive game of covering and revealing

A sexy look radiating the necessary elegance – that is exactly the magic and immortality of long dresses.
A long, simple skirt covering the legs will emphasize the litter of feminine statures by revealing the shoulders. Moreover, you can choose an asymmetric model with only one shoulder revealed in order to achieve an additional mysterious effect and to draw and maintain a man´s attention irrevocably.
A deep décolleté for braver women will outline their sex appeal, but it is just the soft cut following their stature which will reveal a sensual impression containing a good taste.
An evidently simple, tight maxi-dress with a low neckline on the back will point out femininity in the most glamorous way.

Extravagance in every movement

The particularity and not-everyday-kind of braver models will draw the attention of lovers of extravagance to them. It is just a clever fashion taste and the necessity of uniqueness which represent the expression of women, who will convince with such models.
There are no limits to such types of dresses and experimenting does not end with choosing the desired model. Makeup in lively and extraordinary colors and jewelry of the most diverse forms and materials – combined with totally chic hairstyles – represent most artists´ ways to express their creativity.
Extraordinary models – like for example dresses with sharp lines, asymmetric models or dresses containing a combination of a long back and short front part – are just some of the possibilities to emphasize a lively, restless and an adventurous spirit.

Our wholesale range of long dresses – a stylistic treasury for every taste

Girls or women are mostly confronted with the most difficult challenge – namely of choosing the one, correct dress.
All long dresses embody an indispensable elegance and loveliness. Nevertheless, each and every type of dress harbours its own story. Each one of them sends different signals and it is just those hidden details – at a dress’s cutting edges – which answer the question of which model to choose.
The inexhaustible wholesale programme is just the one, which will be able to reveal the customers´ hidden wishes within a sea of elegance, seduction, romantic and glamour.

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