Wholesale range of cocktail dresses for every taste

Originality, but consequence regarding styling questions

Our specially developed range of wholesale cocktail dresses will provide you with an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Cocktail dresses will find their ways to their customers very easily just because of the diversity of different models. They are really desired by women since they allow them to express their uniqueness and creativity while being able to stick to prescribed dress codes.  

What gives cocktail dresses their recognition value?

In former times the universal cocktail dress was characterized just by an ankle-length – what really let them remind of long evening dresses for formal celebrations.
Modern stylists draw clearer borders between those two style directions while liberating cocktail dresses from length restrictions at the same time. Shorter dresses, such reaching above the knees or midi-versions reaching to the ankles, simpler models or those refined with lace and shimmer details for an additional effect of glamour and elegance – the possibilities and combinations are inexhaustible.  

Cocktail dresses for celebrations in the evenings and during the day

Cocktail dresses´ basic role is still to give a certain dose of elegance and loveliness to festive events taking place during the day – even if cocktail dresses can be an excellent choice for different evening celebrations with a not too formal preference of clothing style.
They will be picked by personalities of public life, who expand their image with their feeling for style.
Businesswomen, who want to spice up their professional appearance for business occasions with a breeze of elegance, will definitely choose simpler models of cocktail dresses, like the everlasting “little black one” a-cut-dresses in one colour.  

“The little black one“ – classic and elegance

What makes the popular “little black one“ so everlasting in the world of fashion is the diversity of different models. From simply cut types snuggled to the body to those refined with diverse materials – all of them have been created to satisfy the wishes of the most different styling requirements.
The diversity of cut variants, lengths and materials especially provides the possibility of highlighting the most attracting body parts. The dynamics of the models is being tamed by the classic black colour, which represents an everlasting symbol of elegance.   

Cocktail dresses with an a-cut – litter and femininity

Dresses with an a-cut will be an excellent choice when it comes to the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. The diversity of different colours – from neutral to fire colours – makes sure that the offer corresponds to the most different occasions – from business cocktail parties to formal evening celebrations.
A skirt, which becomes broader from the waist downwards and which falls down the right way, will emphasize the romantic and soft feminine nature.
Strapless models will make sure that women radiate elegance and sex appeal at the same time while additional details will grant originality to these classic type of dresses.

A chic cocktail dress – extravagance and simplicity

The most different versions of modern cocktail dresses in diverse patterns, lively colours and with extraordinary details or asymmetric cuts will represent an excellent offer to women, which tend to fashion experiments, and which want to fascinate with their appearance and originality.  

Top-Cocktail dress – sensuality and sex appeal

Women, who want to express their femininity, elegance and sexuality at the same time, will not be able to resist strapless cocktail dresses of different lengths.
A top-dress reaching to the ankles, which emphasizes the waist shape falling down freely, can represent a perfect connection between the romantic hidden in the cutting edges of a long fluttering skirt and the sensuality highlighted by soft, naked shoulders and a slim body stature.

Fulfil your customers´ wishes with our wholesale range of cocktail dresses

If you meet a person, whose lifestyle or part of work includes attending cocktail parties, you have to be able and ready to recognize this person´s uniqueness and to form him or her with a carefully chosen, fitting type of cocktail dresses.
A rich wholesale range of cocktail dresses will be your styling companion on this way.

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